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and then they proceeded to be the worst at their jobs for the next 20 years

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Thor’s team! Following the idea that Pokemon are very rare on Asgard, Thor never had a Pokemon until his later years when he became a full-fledged warrior and bested Raikou in combat, thus gaining it’s respect and companionship.

It’s not until he gets to Midgard that he gains a large posse of baby electric types that were attracted to him because of the static he gives off.

Thor found Joltik one morning latched to his head while in bed.

Shinx started following him after a fight in a forest.

Pichu was found clinging to his cape during a walk through Manhattan.

Mareep appeared one night while Thor was out stargazing with Jane in a field. Thor also found Blitzle (or more like Blitzle found Thor) in a field, except it was in the morning and Thor had crash landed after a fight.

So basically Thor is a mommy and Raikou helps out with the parenting.

Aaand next up is Hawkeye!

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Sometimes when I’m feeling down I like to remind myself that once, on /v/, I sang A Whole New World, as Jigglypuff, with a guy doing a solid impression of Professor Oak.

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