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Here you will find copious amounts of Marvel, Star Trek, Firefly, White Collar, Elementary, Teen Wolf, Hannibal, various video games, and a few other odds and ends.

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John Watson & Leonard McCoy….and company.

They would commiserate well in this sense, I think. Though on fundamental doctor levels I don’t think they would mesh, lol.

STILL, I will draw all the Army/Fleet Doctors ALL THE DAYS/NIGHTS/DAYS.

edit: many thanks to dreamlittleyo for helping me with dialogue bits. :D

edit2: I drew another. :D  

Oh hey my Sherlock & Star Trek crossover from a while back. :D

this is glorious


Holmes & Watson



Disney Sherlock

happen for me


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Which one will it be, Mr. Holmes?

Which one will it be, Mr. Holmes?

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Cat is like, “I want to cuddle you but I physically can’t because reasons.”

Hedgehog is like, “It’s okay. I understand. I love you anyway.”

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